Saturday, September 08, 2007

DogDaysofSummer Exchange

I got a wonderful package from my angel spoiler KT today. My first spoiler went AWOL.
Hope all is well with her.
Here is what was in my package.

Dimpled Dishcloth designed by KT. LOVE IT!!

Dishcloths by the dozen booklet Didn't have it!!

Sugar&Cream Stripes in Pinky Stripes.LOVE IT!! I'm going to knit a dimpled DS out of it.

Candle tin with a B on top, scent is beachside. Can't wait to burn it!!

B Shaped sticky notes. Cute!

2 M&M sticky notes. Can't have enough sticky notes

M&M note pad. I going to put it in my project bag.

Super Duckie soap. LOVE IT!! It's going in my kids duckie bathroom.

Also a cute card with 3 surfboards

Once again thanks KT for the wonderful package.

1 comment:

KT said...

So glad you like the package - I had fun knitting the cloth for you and then shopping for fun stuff to include (and yes, you can never have too many sticky notes!). That circular blanket is BEAUTIFUL - I look forward to seeing the finished product! KT