Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oh MY!!!!!!!

Can't believe I haven't posted anything to this blog is Oct. 2008!!!
Well guess my life got a little to busy to blog...

Starting today that's going to change...
I found a group on Raverly called 30 days of Sewing.
Pretty Little Knit Stitches want to improve on her seamstress skills, so she is going to sew for 30 mins for 30 days!
My goal is to work on quilts and other sewing stuff I've been putting off. I haven't sewn anything since the mad rush of Christmas! Until tonight, I fixed Hannah's christmas pj's that had a hole in the collar and a Hello Kitty shirt that had a hole in the hoodie. I had them fixed in no time! Spent the rest of the time looking for pieces of quilts blocks and direction that I need to finish! I hope I didn't lose the direction, since the quilt shop I got it at is out of business.

I might need to spent 30 mins a day just cleaning and organizing my craft/sewing room!

Stay tuned to see what I work on tomorrow!

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