Monday, March 31, 2008

Mariner Socks

I started my sock today while watching the game. It was a good one. We WON!!! It's so nice to have baseball back. I got about 16 rounds done. I'm using a pattern from May 2008's Creative Knitting. They are Ribbed Anklets. I think I'm going to work on them during home games and work on some Dammit Dolls during Away games.


Peggy said...

Love the colors in the yarn. Sockies are going to be bee-u-tee-ful.

Jen said...

Love the sock! And I love the yarn (ok, I may be a little partial since I dyed it, but it looks great)!

Hope you are enjoying the yarn. :)

Nannie said...

Love the color of your yarn, I am working on this sock too using the magic loop method. Are you using dpns or circulars. I am stuck on the gusset directions. I have only knit toe up socks before.

Have fun watching your games and knitting.