Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm going to try an blog at least once a week.
I've really let the blog go.
I'm going to update projects, KAL, Groups,Blog I read.
Once I get a new keyboard I'll start working on updating.
My beloved keyboard started to die on me. B,M,P, Shift and Enter stopped working on me. So we took it apart and circuits are fired.
I might get out tomorrow to look for a new one. I have a crappy one that I can use for now. But it's a pain use. I haven't the backspace this much since I learned to type. I would got today but it opening season for the Seattle Mariners. Can't wait to watch me so BASEBALL!! I think we have a great season coming up. I'm going to be knittin a pair of sock in custom dyed sock yarn in the Mariner's colorway.

Have a GREAT Day ALL!!!!!

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Kim said...

Can't wait to see those socks!